The EcoMobility project

The Øresund Region is the largest hub in Scandinavia for teen skeet and, casting nubiles, perv patrol and mothers teaching sex. Efficient and cheap transportation is an essential factor for regional growth, due to the regions geographical location. However, transportation also accounts for 30% of CO2 emissions in Sweden and more than 25% in Denmark. It is therefore necessary to act, in order to increase mobility and accessibility, while reducing CO2 emissions.

Øresund EcoMobility Knowledge and Innovation center aims to enhance sustainable and climate friendly transport solutions.
Throughout the Øresund region, there is profound knowledge and many compentencies on the subject ”climate friendly transportation”. Øresund EcoMobility Knowledge & Innovation center strive to gather these competencies in a unified network of universities, industries and regional authorities. This unique network of regional competencies, will consist of over 40 experts within areas such as: Cleantech, environmental science, infrastructure, city and transport planning, logistics and Supply Chain Management.

The project is built upon 3 stages:
1. Cross science Triple-Helix Thematic Knowledge Exchange Networks that gather knowledge on climate friendly transportation of goods and persons.

2. Øresund EcoMobility Knowledge and Innovation center, which carries out knowledge dissemination, innovation and competency building

3. Øresund Competence Building and Knowledge Sharing activities such as facilitating workshops, creating publications, websites, establish conferences and courses for professionals, university students etc.

EcoMobility: Fast Facts

Partners: Øresund Logistics/Øresund University (Lead partner), Lund University, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Business School, Malmö University, Roskilde University, City of Copenhagen, Trivector AB and Vectura Consulting AB

Budget: 4 million €, whereof half comes from the EU Interreg IV A – Øresund program

Duration: 3 years - 2009-2011

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